What We Do

What we do

Our ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 service:-

Step 1:

We visit the client and assess what type of business they are in, then identify the key control points required to firstly meet the Standards they need to achieve, and secondly provide help and guidance on ways to improve their processes and profitability.

Step 2:

Collate all their current document controls and identify the missing links necessary to create a complete ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 system. Obtain a full understanding on how the company operates and the processes involved.

Step 3:

Create and print off the Quality Manuals, Document Registry and Quality Policy.

Step 4:

Get the manuals approved and install the system within the clients company and provide any in-house training to relevant staff.

Step 5:

Allow the client 10 ~ 12 weeks to build a user history of the new system, providing help & support during this embryonic stage.

Step 6:

Carry out an internal audit of the system to ensure all the areas are being followed correctly, then arrange a Management Review meeting to discuss the findings of the internal audit.

Step 7:

Make recommendations for any improvements that may have been identified.

Step 8:

Liaise with the approved certification body appointed to provide the required accreditation. Provide copies of all the required documents to the accreditation body for their desk top study, and agree a date for their surveillance visit.

Step 9:

Be on-site during the surveillance visit to ensure everything goes smoothly and the company achieves their accreditation.

Follow on services:-

  • Annual internal auditing and Management Reviews.
  • Document amendment service
  • Updating of manuals and processes as the company grows.
  • Secure back up of manuals and system documents.
  • On-site support during future surveillance visits from the accreditation body.